Office Relocation

When it comes to Commercial Movers, and Office Relocation's the need to hire Primary Moving and Storage as your professional commercial movers will be the way to go.

Keep in mind that there are lots of options available, from packing & moving your entire office, to packing & moving selected items only.

Corporate and Commercial Moving

​Primary Moving and Storagehas perfected an effective commercial move specialty. Packing, Storing, and Moving office equipment's as well as factory equipment's, and office furniture requires a different set of skills then those involved in residential moves. 

Experience is important, but we also realize sitting down with our commercial move clients and planning in advance is necessary. Different businesses pose different moving challenges.  

Primary Moving and Storage has the ability to handle any type or any size corporate move, office relocation, and commercial move. We invite you to check out our references and testimonial page.

Our Commercial Movers can perform any of the listed services

  • Office Moving
  • Trade Shows
  • Computer Moving
  • File Moving
  • Work Station and Furniture Moving
  • Tagging and Marketing
  • Building Protection
  • Warehouse Moving
  • Factory Moving Machinery Moving
  • Stockroom Moving
  • Specialty Moving 
  • Installation Moving
  • Disposal Moving
  • School and Library Moving
  • Hospital and Doctors Office Moving
  • Senior Residential Living Moving

Qualified Commercial Movers

Our qualified department of business relocation, qualified movers, and knowledgeable moving consultants allows Primary Moving and Storage to guarantee that your up coming commercial move is handled smoothly and effectively.

Office & Commercial Relocation

  • Any Size Moves
  • Local & Long Distance Moves
  • Cubicles Set Up
  • Retail Store Moving
  • Employee Relocation
  • Fragile Display Case Moves
  • Antique & Fine Art Moving
  • Full Service Moving
  •  Gym & Fitness Equipment Move
  • Safe Moving
  • Pallet Moving
  • Removal & Dumping Service


Primary Moving and Storage

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Why Hire Primary Moving and Storage

We hold expertise in commercial moving and have our moving business on reputation for excellence.

Primary will ensure that your commercial move is completed quickly, efficiently, safely, cost efficiently, and minimizing downtime while optimizing productivity. We can perform any and all office relocation moves after regular hour and on the weekends unless otherwise requested by our clients.

Rates & Pricing:

At Primary Moving and Storage, we take pride in our North Carolina commercial moving service because our clients satisfaction is always our main priority.  We offer free box delivery, free on site estimates, and free delivery of packing & moving materials.


Primary Moving and Storage will offer Binding Guarantee Estimates with reasonable and competitive rates. Your cost will be based on the volume and the destination of your commercial move.


No business, office, or factory is too small or too big Primary  North Carolina commercial moving service. We offer local commercial moving, long distance commercial moving. Storage is also available, with your first month of storage free.

NCUC# 2513       USDOT# 2143490         MCC# 745785​​

Commercial Moves

Primary Moving & Storage will help you focus on your business, not the business of moving.

Planning, Strategy, Ability, and Responsibility:

Primary Moving and Storage can move any size office or business.

We Offer:

  • Commercial and retail moves throughout North Carolina.
  • Local & long distance office relocation.
  • Executive Relocation moves.


Primary Moving and Storage will work with you to create a Move Plan for your Commercial Move.

This will include: 

  • An inventory of all items being moved.
  • Special building conditions and requirements.
  • Date and time of your move.
  • Special instructions on setting up your new office.
  • A Binding Guarantee Estimate price that won't change. 


Primary Moving and Storage will work with to create a strategy for you office relocation.


  • Tagging and color coding work stations, and offices so they can be reassembled in an orderly fashion at the new location.
  • Prioritizing items for the move.
  • Inquiring floor plans and building requirements.
  • Working with your schedule so that the move happens at a convenient time for your business. 


You or your employees will not have do a thing. Primary Moving and Storage will do it all.

We will:

  • Protect floors and walls.
  • Pad wrapping furniture, office chairs, pictures, glass, and mirrors.
  • Boxing files, electronics, and personal items.
  • Keeping files and books in order.


When you hire Primary Moving & Storage, you can breathe easy because we take responsibility for making you move smooth & safe. We avoid any delays by having a back up plan.


  • Extra movers.
  • Extra trucks.
  • Outstanding customer service.